A Love That Nurtures - as seen in The Southeastern Bride

With every relationship comes wisdom. Wisdom of oneself, another, and the two together.  A friend once shared a "tripod theory of love" with me, and it's transformed how I perceive relationships - both of the romantic and platonic nature, but particularly in marriage.  In this "love tripod", one leg represents yourself, the second your partner, and the third your togetherness. For the tripod to stand strong, all three legs must be rooted firmly.  How do you keep your personal "leg" rooted? By asking yourself 3 things: What is my personal mission? What are my goals to accomplish this calling? How do I become the woman/man I wish to be? If each partner tends to these questions, their legs will be rooted. But what about the third "togetherness" leg, you ask? This is where the good stuff comes in. I believe that in order to keep a relationship strong, each partner must then ask the same questions to each other. How can I encourage your personal mission? How can I nurture your goals? How can I help you become the man/woman you wish to be? 

"Love is to reveal the beauty of another person to themselves." - Jean Vanier

Through this intentional questioning, a beautiful balance of self care, selfless nurturing, and enduring love is formed.  The intimate wedding below celebrates a love like this - both between Harlow + Theo and their dearest friends. An inspiring team of vendors worked together to create this beautiful imagery, and I give them all my gratitude and admiration. Wedding "friendors", thank you for all that you do to encourage the love we all dream of. (don't miss the credits listed at the bottom of this post!) A special thank you to Cheryl-Anne of Kast Events and AJ of AJ Dunlap Photography, and Casey Davis for publishing it in the beautiful pages of The Southeastern Bride.

January is beginning and our minds are turning forward to the year ahead. As we journey into this new year, may we remember to care for our own aspirations and also nurture those of others. 



Publication: The Southeastern Bride  |  Venue: The Parlour at Manns Chapel  |  Photographer: A.J. Dunlap Photography  |  Planning & Design: Kast Events  |  Cake & Macaroons: The Cupcake Shoppe  |  Furniture & Decor: Greenhouse Picker Sisters  |  Florals: Serendipity Designs  |  Linens: Cottage Luxe  |  Paper Suite: Sage Paper Co.    |  Hair: Parlor North Raleigh  |  Makeup: Michelle Clark  |  Bridal Gown: Truvelle Bridal  |  Bridesmaids Gowns: Tre Bella  |  Bow Ties: High Cotton Ties  |  Cheese Display: Goat Lady Dairy  |  Ring: Trumpet & Horn  |  Ring Box: The Mrs. Box  |  Ribbon: Adorn Company  |  Monogrammed Plates: Sasha Nicholas