Autumn Hues & Shop News


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we are pretty excited about Fall (and we’ve been this way for a good month or so now, hehe). Now that the summer season is essentially behind us and we have launched our new products, we are in full Fall mode and loving every minute!


For our Fall Collection, we wanted to keep it simple, yet meaningful. When thinking about this season, the main things that came to our minds were the warm hues of the leaves, the loving sentiment of Thanksgiving and the new beginnings that a change of season brings. Our goal was to translate these ideas and feelings into our designs so that they could be a lasting keepsake for many seasons to come!


We designed our Winter Wedding Collection with the words simple, bold and clean in mind. We wanted these to really make a statement! We found a new calligraphy font that we both absolutely love and ended up using it in all three of our Winter suites :). We both agree that these were the most fun to create thus far, especially since one was my own wedding suite! Love the gray tones so much!  After experimenting with watercolor techniques and new typography, we're confident they add valuable variety and novelty to our wedding collection. 


So, what do you think?! We’d love to hear your thoughts about our Fall Collection and Winter Wedding Collection! Please comment below or send us an email to

With love and grace,