5 Ways To Use Chalkboards At Your Wedding

Part Two.

As promised, this is Part Two of our series on the beautiful Schall Wedding. If you missed Part One, "When Your Best Friend Gets Married", click here to catch up! 

In the week leading up to Leslie and Andrew's wedding, we spent a lot of time organizing decorations, planning playlists, making signs and oh yes, drinking lots of coffee! (any other Dazbog Coffee lovers out there?!) Since their venue was primarily a working farm and orchard, it wasn't laid out like a typical wedding venue. This gave us the opportunity to add in lots of pretty signage to help guests find their way around farm. Directional signs, however, was just one of the many ways that we incorporated chalkboards into her wedding.

If you have pinned a bunch of beautiful chalkboard signs on Pinterest, but are unsure of how to use them at your event, here is a list of 5 great ways to use chalkboards, wooden signs and windows at a wedding!

1. Welcome Your Guests
A beautiful welcome sign at the entrance of your wedding venue is a great way to set the tone of your event and make your guests feel at home. It also lets them know that they are in the right place! Since large chalkboards are often very expensive or difficult to find, we suggest buying a large frame and painting the glass with chalkboard paint. The one below was 50% off at Michael's! For even cheaper options, take a look at your local thrift store.

2. Guide Guests in the Right Direction
This was especially important at Leslie and Andrew's wedding! In order to ease stress and prevent confusion, make it obvious to the guests where everything is located. Decorative signs are a great way to achieve this! 

To mix things up, the groom cut pieces of old barn wood and constructed the beautiful signpost below. With a round brush and white acrylic paint, I added calligraphy to each sign. Although it doesn't show in this picture, my favorite sign said "Tahiti", the location of their honeymoon! More signs were made for each of the lawn games, the shuttle pick-up locations and table reservations. 

3. Share the Details
As much as we adore day-of paper goods such as menus and programs, we understand that they aren't always in the budget! Rather than printing these individually for each guest, share the details of your wedding with large, accessible signs. The groom's mother found this sign at a retail store's closing event and was able to get it for an incredibly discounted price - talk about serendipity! We repainted both sides with chalkboard paint and used it to display the wedding party and program for the ceremony.

I used an old window for the menus of their food trucks (yes, food trucks!) and another chalkboard to share their wedding hashtag.

4. Create Stations
Breaking up your wedding venue into different stations is a great way to disperse your guests throughout the space and add fun activities to the evening. The Schall wedding had stations for picking up wedding favors, playing lawn games, taking pictures at a photo booth and signing the guest quilt.

5. Add Sentimentality
This may be my favorite way to incorporate signs into a wedding. Beside the Schall's gift cart, we placed a window full of black and white family wedding photos.  Both sets of grandparents and parents from both families were honored.  Flanking either side of the window, was a sign with the words "the love stories that came before ours" written in calligraphy and the dried bouquet from Leslie's grandfather's recent funeral. These special details added the perfect touches of sentimentality and honor to their reception.

If you've just read this and are now thinking, "wow that's great, but goodness it must be expensive!", fear not, my friend! Here are 3 tips on how to save money when creating signs for your wedding:

1. Buy a thin sheet of plywood, cut to the size and shape you want, and paint with chalkboard paint. This wood may be something you or a friend may already have lying around in storage!

2. Buy old frames from a thrift store and paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

3. Avoid the mess & smears of regular chalk and buy chalk markers (Marvy Uchida Bistro Chalk Markers) from Michael's for clean, crisp letters. Save money by downloading their app for a 40-50% daily coupon.

I hope this helped you find ways to incorporate signs into your event! Thank you Aldabella Photography for the stunning photos and for Leslie and Andrew Schall for hosting such a beautiful evening.

With love and grace,