Sidney Hunter of Leelyn and Company on the La Petite Bloom Workshop

Happy Thursday!

We are so thrilled to have our friend Sidney Hunter of Leelyn and Company as our featured blogger this week! Her company focuses on prints, stationary, invitations, logos and custom designs - and we love her work! I remember when she was first starting Leelyn and Company. during the last part of her senior year at N.C. State and remember “oohing” and “aahing” at her sketches and handlettering skills! I have a couple of her pieces in my home and just love them.

A little while ago, The Bloom Workshop had a contest on their Facebook page to win a ticket to their La Petite Bloom Workshop in Charlotte. We all entered and guess who won? Sidney! So awesome. 

The 5-hour workshop was held this past Monday and we asked Sidney if she wouldn’t mind sharing her experience and any instruction she thought was interesting while it was still fresh! Here is what she had to say:

Hi Y’all! I am so thrilled that the Sage girls asked me to join them today and share my experience at the La Petite Bloom Workshop and also my heart for my creative business. Leelyn and Company was born from the pages of my college planner where I doodled every assignment, birthday and group meeting.  I often spent more time perfecting the lines on my to-do list than I did actually completing the list! Since then I have discovered the world of hand lettering and completely fallen in love. I am awed by the countless styles and love how each one tells a story. My love for hand lettering has cultivated into a passion for providing fresh, clean designs for the bride, blogger or fellow business owner! 

It was such a blessing to be a part of the Bloom Workshop! It was refreshing to meet other creative women who are passionate about inspiration and beauty. A small business owner wears many hats, while it would be nice to pour all my energy into lettering and learning new techniques there are many other areas that need love and attention in order to make a business run smoothly. I loved learning how to identify myself within my business and incorporate that into every facet. The Branding portion, taught by Lauren Hooker from Elle and Company combined with the Calligraphy lesson from Alyssa at parrischicboutique was so influential and enabled me to really see how my business can operate as a seamless unit! Lauren is the sweetest and shared so many tips for how to better brand your business. I took away pages of notes but will do my best to fit it all into a few bullets! 

1. Write your mission statement
This is so important. And so easily lost in the big picture of color schemes and font choices. We were encouraged to think of a few words that described our business and jot them down. Fresh and clean were the first two words that popped into my mind! Considering a couple of words that really describe your brand make the daunting task of writing a mission statement so much easier! These words can also directly apply to my style of lettering. Instead of writing on a slant, I like to write straight up and down. This may seem small but it changes the entire feel of a word once it is on paper! 

2. Define your audience
I loved this task! Think of the person who you want to appeal to the most, even give them a name if you want! When you are making choices for your business, brand or even just practicing your letters think of this person. What would they like to see you create? How would they use what you are making in their day-to-day life? These questions can be so helpful in streamlining your style and helping you stand out!

3. Develop your Tone
The best thing about owning a small business is that you get to do you. Your voice rings through from every post on Instagram to the little notes you include in your packaging. How do you want to come across? I tend to be on the sarcastic side, I like to throw in a little wit. I also like to use words like “thrilled” and “overjoyed.” These are words that I have chosen to epitomize my brand. Consider the wonderful Southern Weddings ladies, anytime I hear a phrase like “tickled pink” or “pretty as a peach” they come to mind! Think about how you want to be recognized and use that in your words. lettering and branding!

I can’t thank The Bloom Workshop team enough for putting together a great group of teachers for a fun day of creative networking! It is so inspiring to sit in a room full of women who want to make beautiful things and tell a story. Id love to hear what inspires you! 

Sidney, thanks so much for your words on the workshop and branding! To learn more about Sidney and Leelyn and Company, visit her website:

With love and grace,