Free(dom) Print & Party Food Flags!

Happy Fourth of July! We want to add to the fun and help you celebrate with a free giveaway! After three simple steps, you will be gifted a free digital download of our new Home Sweet Home art print along with a template for 6 DIY American Food Flags.

Our hand-painted Home Sweet Home art print measures 10" x 8". Use it to brighten your desktop, frame it for your home, gift is as a thank you to someone serving in the armed forces, or use it as decoration at your Fourth of July party! Our little American Food Flags are another great addition to your party décor. Their stars and stripes will make your Fourth of July barbecue shine!

To get your free prints,
1) find us on Instagram (@sagepaperco) and follow us if you aren't following already,
2) comment (or direct message us) with your email address and tag TWO friends,
3) "purchase" the download using the $7 coupon code you receive from us in your email.

Click any of the pictures in this post to retrieve your free gift! Or go to:

We send our immense and heartfelt thanks to all of the brave veterans and men and women who are currently in combat or training with the armed forces. We couldn't joyously proclaim "home sweet home" without your selfless service. 

We hope you enjoy these prints and wish you a safe and wonderful holiday weekend! 

With love and grace,