The Importance of Paper Good Details in Your Wedding

As more and more aspects of communication turn to paperless options, weddings never seem to lose their paper goods flair! There are so many details that come along with planning and setting up a wedding atmosphere, but paper goods always seem to stand out. Every guest is connected through the wedding invitation sent to their home, the program they hold at the ceremony and the personalized place card they see at their table. It's all in the details!


The details of your invitation suite play a significant role in setting the tone and theme of your wedding. Naturally, because this is the first thing your guests will see before your big day! A well-branded invitation helps your guests to imagine the day and prepare for the wedding. Not to mention, it's not every day that people receive letters in the mail from someone they actually know! What a sweet surprise. We hope that mailed, tangible wedding invitations never go out of style.

On the day of the wedding, other paper details including programs, menus and table numbers, create the finishing touches to the atmosphere of both your ceremony and reception.  Not only do they help brand your day, but they also help the logistics of your event run smoothly. From the moment your guests walk into your ceremony until they look for their place at the reception, they will know exactly what to do. Keeping your guests informed with each piece throughout your day will provide for a more relaxing time for everyone!

styling: Kaitlin Holland;  floral: Kelly Perry;  photography: Callie Pitts Davis

styling: Kaitlin Holland;  floral: Kelly Perry;  photography: Callie Pitts Davis

Place cards seem to be one of the more meaningful features. Little cards in handwritten calligraphy over a beautiful place setting complete the whole look of the table. Even though it may be more work and will cost a little extra, your guests will thank you when they have a designated spot to eat.  It helps ease their worries about finding a seat later if they wish to mingle. Place cards also let guests know they are loved, valued and an important part of the day.

Paper goods add a great deal of style and significance to a wedding. From the invitations to the personal place cards, these little details can mean so much more to your guests than you know! It's so fun to see each bride's wedding day come to life. Let us know how we can help bring more meaning to your special day with custom wedding paper details!