Sage Paper Co. was born out of love for the elegance of nature and design, both in their complexity and simplicity.  Based in Colorado and collaborating worldwide, we specialize in hand-painted paper goods for homes, weddings and small business branding. We are founded on the belief that wisdom, love and grace are stronger when shared. Our mission is to create soft and elegant art that helps you share life’s most meaningful moments.

Alexa Behar   –    founder & artist

Born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and raised on a farm outside Nashville, Tennessee, nothing speaks to my heart quite like southern hospitality. With this hospitality comes genuine love, intentionality and grace. I am a firm believer that the proper combination of these three things—both in my lifestyle and my designs—enriches the soul and fosters joy. My hope is that you use my designs to live more intentionally, love more fearlessly and extend grace in all circumstances. 

What makes my soul sing: 
wildflowers, hiking, kayaking, reading in my hammock, skiing with my dad, singing & playing my acoustic guitar (fondly named Amelia Ann), ice cream, Italy, watercolor, mountains, campfires, paper goods boutiques and used book stores.